WINNER - Earphones Award for Space Opera audiobook
"Miller's exuberance and passion strike the right notes." - The West Australian

"A formidable young acting talent." - The West Australian
Praise for Space Opera   (Narrator)
"Miller shines as the sarcastic and sardonic narrator who guides listeners through the byzantine galactic history … he also does an outstanding job creating a range of convincing alien personas, as well as bringing the human characters to life. " -Audiofile Magazine
"As enjoyable as the writing and storytelling is, it's elevated to another level by a boisterous, delightful, and varied narration by Heath Miller. He brings life to all the characters, and does a wonderful job giving unique, living voices to each of them in turn." -Aiden Moher,
Praise for Radiance   (Narrator)  
"I believe he could read recipes from a cookbook and make them sound intensely interesting."
 "Miller narrates his way through the vignettes of diary entries, interviews, and film footage. He easily maneuvers between the accents of the quirky and even cartoonish characters from a variety of ethnic backgrounds .... Miller’s voice is crisp and warm throughout the book, and wry and passionate when warranted, creating a satisfying listening experience..." - Booklist
"Miller got in the soul of each of the characters... he has demonstrated to being able to adapt like a chameleon." -
Praise for The Boy Who Lost Fairyland   (Narrator) 
"And the audio narration? The absolute best. I cannot even contain the sheer glee I experienced listening to this audio book.."
Praise for Thrilling Hostage Melodrama at High Speeds with Pineapple   (Director)
“A rough-round-the-edges noir Tarantino-esque chick kidnapper farce… was brilliantly brought to life by director Heath Miller.” -The Herald Sun
“Rated highest on the laugh-o-meter.” - The Age
Praise for Kanat and the Red Army   (Director)
“The most touching and well-developed play of the evening. It was a professional production… thoughtfully constructed and multi-faceted.” -
“…the audiences pick of the season. Original, funny, poignant and epic; it covers 20 years, without missing a vital thread.” -
“…inventive, charming and remarkable.”- Herald Sun